Argon Gas

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About Argon Gas

Hampdon supplies a series of top of the range argon gas tanks, regulators, meters and gauges Australia-wide. Argon gas is used as a shielding gas in electric arc processes. At the very high temperatures that welding requires (up to 7000 degrees), the metals become liquid, which allows the secure weld to be created.

Argon gas is highly effective at displacing the air that would normally be present within the arc, thus preventing contamination from any unwanted elements present. This process enables a very strong and clean weld, without oxidation.


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Argon Gas Shielding

A common mistake many rookie welders make is to turn the level of argon gas up too low or too high. Too low a flow compromises the coverage of the shield, while too high can generate unwanted turbulence, which results in the gas hitting the plate and vortex, dragging some of the air directly into the arc of the shielding gas. This can result in a more porous weld and an unnecessary wastage of gas. In addition, too much gas can cool the weld puddle.









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Argon Gas Safety

There are no serious safety issues to be aware of and it is widely considered to be a very harmless  gas to create the necessary arc shield. While it is not poisonous it should not be inhaled directly and all welding should take place in a well ventilated space to avoid asphyxiation, as being colourless, odourless and tasteless, it is difficult to detect. It is non-flammable and will not cause burns to the user. Argon gas is supplied in a compressed tank and we always have it in stock.






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Argon Gas Regulators

We supply a series of argon gas regulators which allow a precise control over the flow and all meet Australian safety standards and regulations. Our brands include UWELD, Bossweld, UniMig and the premium Harris range.  They guarantee a fine level of control over each operator’s welding process and a more professional finish.








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Argon Gas Meters & Gauges

Hampdon’s brands of meters and gauges cater to the home handy man to the everyday tradesman. includes an entry level.