MIG Torches

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About MIG Torches

Hampdon’s TIG torches allow our customers to achieve a quality, professional weld that is durable and hard wearing. Our extensive range includes a wide variety of top brands which are recognised as being the best within the welding industry, and as a result our products are frequently bought by large scale businesses, which rely on staff being able to operate at maximum efficiency.  They are equally popular among novice users to weld at home.

Our MIG torches and spare parts are all designed by skilled and qualified engineers who know exactly what is needed to meet the demands of the welding sector. Each and every one meets Australian standards and as with all our stock, comes with a warranty.


Magnetic Clamp Options

How it Works

A common mistake many rookie welders make is to turn the level of argon gas up too low or too high. Too low a flow compromises the coverage of the shield, while too high can generate unwanted turbulence, which results in the gas hitting the plate and vortex, dragging some of the air directly into the arc of the shielding gas. This can result in a more porous weld and an unnecessary wastage of gas. In addition, too much gas can cool the weld puddle.








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TIG Torch Cup Selection

TIG stands for tungsten inert gas. A TIG torch enables electric welding to take place by conducting an electric current through the tungsten electrode, with shielding gas covering the arc zone. When using a TIG torch, the heat is transmitted through the electrode to the work piece.  A stream of gas is fed directly through a cup, which in turn shields both the weld puddle and the electrode from the air, creating an area of protection.








Earth Clamp Options

Which TIG torch is best for you?

We supply a wide selection of TIG torches, each of which has different qualities and specifications, and the style you select will depend on individual preference, as well as the project it is needed for.

Our range includes North, UniMIg, Water cooled and Bossweld brands, which can be used for both light and heavy duty welding tasks.

Our range of TIG torches are built with operator comfort in mind, while still giving excellent performance when welding with the greater heat levels produced by higher duty cycle applications.