Maximize Safety and Efficiency with the Retractable Welding Screen / Curtain Package from Hampdon Industrial

Discover welding safety reinvented with our retractable screen – compact, efficient, and protective. Dive in now! Discover welding safety reinvented with our retractable screen – compact, efficient, and protective. Dive in now!

At Hampdon Industrial, we take immense pride in introducing you to the latest innovation in welding safety – the Shaver Industries retractable welding curtain system. Crafted with precision in Canada, this revolutionary product is designed to transform your workspace into a secure, efficient, and organized environment. Allow us to delve into the exceptional features and benefits that make this product a game-changer for welding operations of all scales.


Unveiling the Retractable Welding Screen System

The heart of the Shaver Industries retractable welding curtain system lies in its ingenious design. Our curtain utilizes tension from the roller base to maintain a tight and secure enclosure around the work cell. The operator's job is simplified to the core: walking the guard from the base mount roller to the latches positioned on the opposite side of the work cell. This easy-to-use mechanism ensures a seamless workflow and optimal protection for your personnel and equipment.



The Retractable Welding Screen / Curtain Package offers a plethora of features that set it apart from traditional welding safety solutions:

1. Effortless Maneuverability: Bid farewell to the struggle of moving hefty sections of stationary guards. Our retractable welding screen eliminates this challenge, making the workspace more dynamic and adaptable.

2. Swift Access for Forklifts: Time is money, and our curtain system understands that. It allows for rapid access for forklifts, minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Space Conservation: Square footage is valuable. By utilizing our retractable system, you're maximizing your available space while maintaining a high level of safety.

4. Comprehensive Protection: Shield your workspace against welding sparks, heat, ultraviolet light, and flying debris. With the Retractable Welding Screen, safety is not compromised.

5. Impressive Extension: Need to cover a large area? Our welding screen can extend up to a remarkable 20 feet in length, ensuring extensive coverage whenever necessary.

6. Effortless Retraction: The spring tension roller system is not only reliable but also automatic in its retraction, further streamlining your workflow.

7. Convenience in Storage: When not in use, the industrial retractable shade conveniently rolls up, saving space and maintaining a clutter-free environment.

8. Easy Maintenance: Should the welding shade sustain damage, worry not. It can be easily replaced, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

9. Top Access and Clear Path: Unlike overhead suspension systems, our design requires no overhead suspension. This provides top access and allows overhead cranes a clear path into the work cell when the screen is rolled up.

10. Simple Attachment: The industrial welding screen attaches effortlessly with a J-hook positioned opposite the roller. This simplicity enhances ease of use and saves valuable time.



Each Retractable Welding Screen / Curtain Package comes complete with:

  • 1 x 6m Retractable Curtain
  • 1 x Portable Base
  • 1 x 2.5m Mounting Pole (attaches to the portable base)
  • 1 x Set of Mounting Hooks


Elevate your welding environment with the Retractable Welding Screen / Curtain Package from Hampdon Industrial. Say goodbye to outdated, cumbersome safety solutions and embrace the future of workspace protection and efficiency. Whether you're a small-scale operation or a large workshop, our curtain system has you covered – quite literally. Contact us today to unlock special pricing for multiple units or whole workshop fit-outs. Your safety and efficiency are our top priorities, and our retractable welding screen is here to make a difference.



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