NobleFix Gas Bottle Holder Restraints: Your Reliable Industrial Safety Bracket NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!

When it comes to keeping your workplace safe, securing gas cylinders is a big deal. Hampdon Industrial has a simple and effective solution – the "NobleFix" range of bottle and equipment restraints, proudly made in Australia.

Coming in with different track and strap sizes, these safety brackets provides numerous benefits and advantages for your everyday industrial use. Here’s some of the main key features of NobleFix Gas Bottle Restrains and why it should be your next purchase!


Durable and Easy to Use

NobleFix restraints are tough and easy to use. You can adjust them to fit different needs, and the aluminum tracks make it simple to store many cylinders securely. No fuss, just a straightforward solution.


Built to Last with Quality Materials

These restraints use strong brackets made from UV Stabilized Polypropylene, ensuring they last a long time. You won't have to worry about wear and tear because NobleFix is built to withstand it all.


Customizable for Your Needs

Different workplaces have different needs. NobleFix understands that, so they offer webbed strapping in various lengths. You can customize it to fit your specific requirements, securing cylinders of all sizes and shapes.


Tested for Strength and Safety

Safety is a priority. NobleFix products are independently tested to make sure they can handle the pressure. With a capacity of 380 kilograms (3.5kN), you can trust that these restraints will keep your workplace safe.


Meets Australian Standards

You can trust NobleFix to follow the rules. All the parts of these restraints meet the Australian Standards for safety. That means you're getting a product that's up to the mark.

Aside from being mounted on your workspace, safety brackets could also be used on your trolleys and carrying vehichles.

You can purchse NobleFix Gas Restraints on our website or through our Amazon Flagship Store.


 Invest in Safety Today!

Make the smart choice for workplace safety. Choose NobleFix from Hampdon Industrial and experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and compliant gas cylinder restraint solution. Don't compromise on safety – shop now and improve your workplace standards!