Enhance Your Welding Experience with The Retractable Laser Weld Screen: A Game-Changing Solution for Safety and Efficiency

Introducing the Retractable Laser Welding Screen/Curtain Package - a versatile solution that offers optimal protection during laser welding projects. With a length of 4.5m, this package ensures safety and efficiency. Upgrade your welding setup today!

Versitle & Innovative Laser Protection Solutions

The Retractable Laser Weld Screens can be moved quickly & efficiently to anywhere that you may be welding.


Optimal Protection of 250 W/cm²

LZRTect ensures welding safety in any workspace. The Retractable Laser Weld Screens provide reliable protection against lasers, sparks, heat, ultraviolet light, and flying debris while offering a versatile and cost-effective solution for welding protection in any industrial setting.


Reliable Retractable Weld Screens for Your Needs

The Retractable Laser Weld Screens are designed with a retractable system that extends up to 20 feet in length and automatically retracts with a spring tension roller. Additionally, the screens can be mounted in multiple locations, allowing for top access and providing a clear path for overhead cranes when rolled up. With their durable construction and versatile design, the Retractable Laser Weld Screens offer a reliable solution for welding protection in any industrial setting.


Safe Work in Any Environment

With a portable and durable design, these screens can be quickly moved to any welding location, eliminating the need for large sections of stationary guards while still providing protection against welding lasers, welding sparks, heat, ultraviolet light, and flying debris.


Know the amazing key features of this innovative product.

1. Easy Operations. LZRTect can be easily pulled or retracted when needed, ensuring steady protection during welding. The operator simply walks the guard from the roller tube to the J-hooks located on the opposite side of the work cell.

2. Flexibility. The flexible design allows the weld screen to be adapted to different environments and working conditions. The shield can be positioned at various angles, and its width can be easily adjusted to ensure optimal welding protection, making it an ideal solution for any environment with diverse welding needs.

3. Optimal Design. LZRTect provides optimal protection with a max irradiance of 250W/cm2 and protection against diffusion beams, ensuring the safety of the operator and the work environment.

4. Mounting Options. LZRTect has various mounting options such as wall mounts and mobile bases that allow for easy mobility and various welding setups, providing versatility and adaptability in any workspace.

5. Designed for IPG Lightweld. LZRTect is designed specifically for the IPG LightWeld product, ensuring maximum compatibility and effectiveness.

6. Magnetic Interloc Integration. Seamless integration with a magnetic interlock is possible, allowing for enhanced safety and security measures.


Ready to revolutionize your welding experience?

Upgrade to the Retractable Laser Weld Screen by Shaver today and unlock a new level of safety, efficiency, and precision in your laser welding projects. Don't miss out on this game-changing solution. Click here to get started and experience the power of the Retractable Laser Weld Screen. Your welding operations will never be the same again!


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