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Soda Stream, is it worth it?

If you're anything like me and love your soda, you'll know it comes at a cost, soda ain't cheap.

By using a SodaStream system you're already saving money by making your favourite Soda by yourself, but to make it even more worth your while, Hampdon Industrial has come up with a way to keep even more savings in your wallet.

How worth it? 

The average can of Cola in Australia costs about $1.66 per Litre when you buy in bulk, now, according to a recent study roughly 48% of Australians drink soda daily and of that 48% the average amount consumed is 2.5 glasses (240ml each). So according to the previous maths, they'd be drinking roughly 219L of soda a year and spending over $360. We don't recommend that amount of soda consumption, but either way, that's a lot of money and a lot of Soda. 

Even more worth it? 

So for all you money savvy soda lovers, here are a few options to save you some money in the long run. 

By using a SodaStream device you are reducing the cost per litre to about $0.88. Which when compared to $1.66 makes a difference of $170 per annum when drinking 219L, not to mention the health benefits if you're drinking that amount! But what if I told you there was a way to save $230 per year instead of $170, you'd probably be interested. 

Now whether your drinking 219L of soda a year or just a lazy 50L, Hampdon have a solution for you. Behold, the CO2 SodaStream refilling adaptor. This device allows you to save on costly CO2 refills to your canister and better still, you'll never get caught short when you run out of gas. By using this device you can use the larger sized food-grade CO2 bottles to refill your SodaStream bottle at a fraction of the cost. 

Big savings or even bigger savings? 

Hampdon have two money-saving options available for purchase, the C size and the D size bottles. These combinations come with your very own bottle and a Soda Stream refilling adaptor. 


  C Size D Size
Capacity 240L of Soda Stream 870L of Soda Stream
Adaptor Yes Yes
Initial Cost $149.00 $169.00
Refill Cost $35.00 $50.00



So for the C Size bottle, your initial 240L of SodaStream will cost you $0.62 per litre and every refill from then on will cost you $0.15 per litre plus whatever you spend on your syrup mixture. 

For the D Size bottle, it works out to $0.19 per litre for the initial purchase and then $0.06 per litre for anything after the first refill. 

Those are some big savings...

Depending on how much Soda you drink will determine which bottle size is right for you, either way, Hampdon have you covered. 

Adaptor alone:

C Size : 

D Size:



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